Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting there!

Days 316 and 317 of practice.

Starting to get back to normal! Still coughing but my energy levels are closer to what they should be and I really feel like dancing. Had a good weekend of opportunities for dance... Boogying down at a friend's wedding with some fellow belly dancers, and then troupe practice this morning. Felt good to bust out some Anaya moves again and actually dance, even if Cari threw out more confusing zill stuff for us to work on. Guess I know what I'll be practicing all this week...

I'm also super excited because next weekend Anaya Tribe is performing at Fireland Faerie Festival. Not only do I get to dance, but I can run around in faerie wings before our performance. Squee! We're performing at 5pm on Saturday, so if you're in the Phoenix area and you're not too curmudgeonly to attend a Faerie Festival, you should come out and see us.


  1. Why aren't you guys dancing on Sunday? Hmmmm???? That's when we'll be there.

  2. Because that would mean I would only have to spend ONE day in Phoenix instead of the entire weekend, silly!

    My friends in Vorpal Shimmy will be performing Sunday afternoon, though, so you should check them out and make some noise for them :)

  3. We'll be getting there at 10:00-ish and they don't go on until 2:30 so we'll probably be gone by then. A few hours of fairy fun, pirates, and mermaids will have the L'il Tadpole completely exhausted by then.

  4. Fair enough :) I hope you all have a lot of fun!


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