Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Troupe Love!

I love this picture from our Mijana's show! I think it's a beautiful illustration of how dancing with Fire & Gold makes me feel. I've danced with a lot of great ladies, but this is definitely the troupe where I've felt the most at home.

At Monday night's practice, we talked about what the future holds -- more choreos, more performances, more costumes, a photo shoot. It's all very exciting! I'm glad that we're not really slowing down for the Summer, because honestly, there's nothing non-dance-related to do during these hot months, I might as well keep busy with my troupe!


  1. I love how the group is full of supportive ladies - it's truly a feat in the world of dancing i feel. I just get so sad when i'm gone during performances!!

  2. I get sad when you're not there, too! But there will be plenty more shows I'm sure :)


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