Thursday, July 12, 2012

New costume!

This is a horrible picture, but hey look, I have a new costume!!! It's a hundred times prettier in person, the green is so rich and both the black and the green have gold sparkles. It's going to shimmer wonderfully under the stage lights at -- oh wait, I can't tell you yet what performance I intend to debut it at. Official announcement later ;)

I have been wanting some new costumes for the last month or so. A local photographer was offering free sessions because she had a special project to work on (more on that later, too), so I took her up on it, but then I realized I had NO idea what to wear! Most of my costuming has been for troupes, and the rest is a rather mismatched jumble. Not only that, but most of what I have is student-quality. Nice student quality, but not flashy. As I am working towards becoming a professional dancer, I need to have professional costumes. Especially now that the trend in tribal fusion is moving more and more towards luxurious layers with vintage touches. I was able to put together one nice look, but I wanted more.

However, I couldn't really justify spending a lot of money on costuming right now. I already spend a lot on classes, and on things required for my troupe costume, and on new makeup so I look good on stage. So I shelved my plans, but figured if my jewelry business picked up, I could start buying some things. Then a funny thing happened -- my jewelry business picked up! So I ordered this lovely, and if sales keep up at their current pace, I'll be ordering a custom skirt next, and then maybe a new, nicer skirt for my troupe costume. I'm so excited!

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