Friday, December 31, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day!

Is it really New Year's Eve already? I guess it is! So tomorrow is the big day, the first of 365 days of dance practice. I'm pretty excited for it! I've got Rachel Brice's Serpentine DVDs to help me learn backbends, I've got some new music to practice to, and I even bought some cheap yoga pants to practice in! Yoga pants are very much like dance pants, and these ones have a cute pattern on the fold-over waist, which makes them more attractive as practice wear than my boring black gym pants. Of course, sometimes I just wear whatever pants I happen to already be in, but if I'm going to be doing the yoga on Serpentine, I have a feeling I'll want to be wearing stretch knits.

I do apologize for leaving this blog blank for a week. I've just returned from a trip to Vegas with one of my dancing friends (where I picked up aforementioned pants), and I didn't have time to pre-schedule any posts to go up in my absence. But from here on out, it should be posts every day!

If you haven't already, have a look at the links on my sidebar. It's a nice collection of people who make my dance life happier, as well as my other blog and my shop (a girl's got to support her dance pants habit, after all!). I'll be adding more links periodically, but the current list is a good start.

Come back tomorrow to help me start off the New Year with dancing!


  1. I'm ready, willing, and able! I actually started early, so I'm 18 days into it.


  2. YAY SaraBeth! YAY for the dancing new year! I'm so glad we can support each other in this quest on-line, even if we're never at the same dance events :)

  3. Well, I'm sure it will happen sooner or later!

    Here's to all the new dance pants you'll be earning next year.

  4. YAY dance pants! I got a Plaza de Anaya gift certificate from my brother, so I might get myself some pants on Thursday to start things off!


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