Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three hundred!

Day 300 of practice.

Woohoo... 65 more days to go until my year of practice is complete!

So anyway, I lied when I said I was doing 8 hours of class this week... it's actually only 7. I'm going to have to forgo sword in favor of keeping my carpool going. It's a shame, because I love sword, but gas is just too expensive to keep making the drive myself. Especially since I have to drive up twice a week until Thanksgiving week, when I will finally have a respite.

Class tonight was good... It was the start of a new session, which means lots of new faces in the beginner class. Level 3&4 consisted of perfecting the zills and lead changing with one specific move for 50 of the 60 minutes of class. Needless to say, those muscles are pretty tired, and so am I.


  1. Rats! I'm hoping I can take the sword class next week if I can get a hold of a new sword before then.

    I'm taking classes with Cari on Tuesdays so I'm also hoping I can talk her into having a sword class on my side of town.

  2. I hope you can take sword, too! I'll just have to practice sword at home and hope I can take it next time. On the other hand, it will be nice to get home by 10:30.


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