Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh yeah. Practicing!

With my official year of practice behind me, I haven't been as on top of practicing as I should be. Oh, I started out alright in January, because the habits were still there, but then February came along with its gem shows and house guests and I lost focus.

Tonight I decided to do some actual practicing, working on moves that I need to improve, especially moves that we're using in troupe choreography (which means I can't get away with being sloppy!). I'm trying to figure out what is causing me to twist in my taxim and rib taxim. I'm also working on getting comfortable with the high arm framing position that Jolie likes us to use for rib taxims and torso rotations. For a while I felt really awkward, holding my arms stiffly and looking like the giant Jesus statue in Brazil (if giant Jesus wore yoga pants). I'm getting more comfortable with it now, I just need to work on holding my arms up high enough. And by the way, this is why having video of yourself is important -- I thought I WAS holding my arms up high until I saw the troupe practice video and realized that I had some seriously droopy arm going on.

Anyway, I was home practicing tonight because I decided that I need to take a hiatus from Anaya classes, probably permanently (or at least until Arizona puts in a commuter train, which is years in the future). The time, money and stress of driving through rush hour and road construction just killed it for me. I already miss my classmates and teachers, but I'll have to make due with seeing them at workshops, performances and festivals.

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