Thursday, November 29, 2012

Performance Added

I just confirmed that I will be dancing at the Circus Farm Fundraiser in Mesa AZ on December 15th! I've been trying to cut down on my Phoenix performances (it costs me $20 in gas money every time I perform up there), but this is right after the Plaza de Anaya holiday recital, so I can go see my friends, shop at Plaza, and then carpool over with Jen who will also be performing. Sounds like the perfect night!

I'm pretty excited because I will be debuting a new solo, and possibly my new costume? And maybe I will make new friends, since there will be a bunch of people there I've never met. I love getting the chance to dance for a new crowd. Plus I will get to watch performances of people I've never seen dance before, too!

This will probably be my last performance for 2012, unless something crops up last-minute here in Tucson. I definitely don't want to make two trips to Phoenix in December, since I will be busy getting ready for the holidays and all. Besides, 2013 will probably be pretty exciting so I may need a couple of weeks of rest before jumping into the New Year :)

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