Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rotten Day

I'm at least a third-generation believer in Retail Therapy, so I tried to make myself feel better by buying a pillow with a beetle on it. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing. But blog posts need pictures.

Today has been a rotten day. Really, things have been varyingly rotten since I received bad news on Saturday (please read this post on my other blog to learn about the loss of a dear friend. I don't want to rehash it here), but today was one of those stupid, annoying days where nothing went right.

First I tried making some jewelry, but I didn't really have many ideas and the ones I tried didn't work. I ended up with one small item and a mess on my desk.

Then I decided that I was going to be a grown-up responsible adult and do the laundry. Well, that's when I learned that our pipe was full of tree roots again, as the water draining out of the washing machine had no place to go so it came back up from under the toilet. GROSS! Luckily since this had happened before we knew exactly what was happening, and the plumber came out and fixed it quickly, but it cost some cashola.

Plus, you know how whenever you have a service person over, as soon as you think "Ok, well he seems to be doing his own thing, I'll go get some little job done now" that's always when they suddenly need you for something? Yep, that was an hour of my day that I got nothing done.

Oh, and I tore one of my favorite little yoga jacket thingies while moving something that was blocking the access point to the pipe, so dammit. I really liked that jacket.

So then I was like, well, I'd better salvage this day with some dance, let's sit down and pick out a fan veil song for Open Stage! An HOUR LATER I decided that I hated all of my music, old and new. Albums that I had purchased because I loved the music at the time suddenly sounded awful. Note to self: you hate everything when you're in a bad mood. Next time just drill.

Then we went to Target where we couldn't find some things we needed, but at least I got a beetle pillow, because that is clearly what I need in life. I wish the coordinating comforter also had beetles on it instead of just a floral jungle-y print. I would love to have my bed covered in beetles.

I almost didn't go to class and practice tonight because of my bad mood, but I like to save my skipping for when I get sick. And you know what? I'm glad I went. My bad mood melted away. I've been enjoying the hell out of classes lately. I don't know if they've been especially fun or if I've been especially receptive, but it's just been a great level of challenge and accomplishment and new material and good music and good friends.

So the day wasn't all rotten, but it sure did try. I hope tomorrow will be better. I've got a massage scheduled, and I need to work on Friday's cosmetics review and definitely get a lot of practice no matter how much I hate my music.

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