Friday, May 3, 2013


 Here we go, dear readers! I am going to review SEVEN different brands of glitter. Are you excited? I'm excited. Let's see what we've got:
1. Mica Beauty Cosmetics in Green.
2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Mint.
3. LASplash in Radiant Ivy. I really like that name, don't you?
4. Belle Pierre Cosmetics in Greentastic. I like that name, too!
5. Medusa's Makeup in Antoinette.
6. NYX in Pink. I can't find this glitter on their website so I think they don't make it anymore!
7. Blume Bauer Sparklies in Green with Envy.
 And here they are with their caps off so you can see them better (except for NYX, because you'd see less if I took the cap off). I hope you'll forgive me for not doing a hand swatch on this one, I didn't really want to have bits of glitter on my hand for the rest of the day. Now for my opinions on each one:

1. This is a very fine micro-glitter, possibly the finest in my collection, in a pure emerald green. I wore it all day on Wednesday and had zero fall-out, so I'd call that a WIN! I can't find green on their website, but they have some other pretty colors. Because it's so fine, it doesn't have as much impact as larger glitter, so it's better suited for gigs where you'll be close to the audience.

2. Also relatively fine and very sparkly pale green. I wore this alongside 2, which was a bad idea because they're so similar I couldn't tell which one was falling out on my face. Seems to have stayed on pretty well.

3. Fine clear glitter with green iridescence. I think this was the fallout culprit in last night's look and it doesn't seem to have stayed very well, so I'd say you can probably pass on this one even though it's such a pretty color.

4. Bright iridescent green. I like this one for big stage shows because it is so sparkly, it really has a big impact! I'd recommend wearing it over a darker eyeshadow so it doesn't look too neon, unless that's what you're looking for.

5. Fine ruby red. I bought this to wear over lipstick and it did the job perfectly. Looks kind of like crushed rubies, stays in place well. A good buy if you want to do the red glitter lip look.

6. This is what I've previously been using for my glitter lips. It's a little chunkier than all these micro glitters, and I am not a fan of the packaging, it's kind of hard to get the glitter out. But this iridescent pink is a nice choice to put over winter red, wine and purple lipsticks to soften them, so you may want to look for a similar shade in a different brand.

7. Nice medium green micro-glitter. I like this color because it's very leafy and looks good with the olive eyeshadow colors I prefer. I wore it last night and had some fallout while applying, but none once it was on. Disclaimer: I am Facebook friends with Blume, but I don't think that makes me biased. This is objectively a nice glitter product.
 Here I am wearing four shades of glitter all in one! Sorry that I couldn't work every glitter into one look, but I think this is pretty good. I did a glitter ombre on my eyes using some light pearly green eyeshadow as the base, Medusa's Makeup glitter primer over that, and then color 3 in the corner of my eye, 2 in the middle, and 7 at the edge. I wish the lighting was better in this picture so you could see it. I'm going to play with the idea more and maybe do a quick tutorial once I've perfected it (I think I want a different shadow base and more color difference between my light and medium shades). I also put the red glitter over a red lip pencil for glitter lips.
With my eyes open, you only see a little glitter. Also I think I shouldn't have done my water line in black with this look, I think the liner is a little heavy for the glitter. This calls for more experimentation.

The results: I danced 4 numbers at Open Stage. By the end of the night I had a little glitter fallout, my lips were still quite sparkly, and unfortunately, my eye glitter had started to build up in my crease. Ugh. But I was still pretty glittery, so not a total loss.

I hope that maybe I've introduced all you glitter-loving bellydancers to some new brands, or given you some ideas of what to shop for and what to avoid. Do you have a favorite glitter brand that I didn't review? Would you like to see more of one of the colors I didn't use in this week's look? Let me know in the comments!


  1. OOH Pretty greens! These are so nice as I love make-up , sparkles and such but have not bothered being creative with either in ages. Now I want to bust out my supplies and try some new products/techniques ! Not sure if you've tried Ben Nye LiquiSet before, but I've had success with it to make regular eyeshadows into intense liners and making glitter stay put. (Not sure if it would keep it all in place through performance however. )

    1. Dancing is a good excuse to play with makeup. Even if you're not performing, you can get away with going a little crazier with your makeup when you're going to watch a show, or even just for class if you want to test how it will hold up to sweat.

      I haven't tried Ben Nye but I know Jolie uses some of their products and likes them. They're made for stage so I think it would hold glitter through most performances.


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