Friday, April 5, 2013

Book Review -- Eye Candy by Linda Mason

Ok, I promise we will get back to new cosmetics reviews next week, but I just got Eye Candy by Linda Mason and I am so excited about it, because this is just the sort of thing that I wish I'd had when I first started out with makeup. It probably would have saved me a lot of hassle and prevented me from showing up on stage with some regrettable eye makeup choices.

Linda Mason has been a professional makeup artist since the 70s, so this little book is packed full of know-how on eye makeup. It's mainly designed for the beginner who keeps seeing beautiful eye looks on-line but doesn't quite know how to approach them in real life. Not only will you learn how to do the 55 specific looks that are diagrammed out, but you'll also learn a lot about makeup application in general, which should give you the confidence to tackle all those looks you see on Pinterest and YouTube.

It's the basic information that I really appreciate. When I first started wearing makeup as a dancer, I went to the store and bought things willy-nilly with no real idea of what brush was best for what product, or what looks were best for my eye shape, or even how to do such simple things as properly apply mascara. Before turning you loose on the specific looks, Eye Candy breaks down how to properly groom your brows, what brushes to use for application and why, the pros and cons of different types of shadows and how to use them, how to apply fake lashes (although, to be honest, I don't agree with her method, but you can certainly give it a try), the different kinds of eye liner and mascara and so much more. This information is so handy for the new dancer who has previously not worn a lot of makeup in her life but wants to look great on stage!

After that it's on to several chapters of eye makeup looks that you can copy, ranging from natural daytime looks to really wild styles that you'll probably only ever use for fashion shoots or character pieces. Here's an example of one that falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum:

Each look is like this... One big photo showing it on a model (and the book uses models with various complexions and eye shapes, so everyone should be able to find someone who is somehow similar to them), then a page that lists what you need, steps it out, and shows a diagram of where to apply the colors. I also like that the colors used are shown as photos of the actual makeup, so you can try to match it up to whatever is in your collection. If you want to buy the exact colors used, they're apparently all part of Linda Mason's makeup line, and in the back of the book she tells you the color names for each look, but I like the fact that the actual tutorials don't try to push her products. There's also tips on how you could change it up, and the reader is encouraged to try any of the styles with totally different colors as desired. It also says what colors of blush and lip color were used, if you want to do the complete look.

My favorite chapter is "Inspired" which has looks inspired by famous people and nature. There's a great green Mata Hari look, styles inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and other style icons of the past. Perfect for when you need to do a vintage-inspired character piece or have to go to a 60s-themed Halloween party.

Although I think Eye Candy is perfect for the beginning makeup artist, I also see it is coming in handy as an inspirational tool for the more experienced dancer. It's so easy to fall into a rut of doing that same look that works for you at every show; this might help you do something new. It would also be great if you're used to doing your own makeup but suddenly have to help out troupe newbies or students with a totally different complexion from you.

Over all, I am pretty happy with my $15 investment in this book. Oh sure, I could probably find all of this information for free on Pinterest and YouTube if I went looking, but I like books and it's easier to have a book in the bathroom while I do my makeup than to try to find room for my laptop in there. Plus you can bring this along to you when you're going to be someplace without internet (like when you get to the hotel you're staying at for your out of town gig and you find they don't have WiFi, ugh!).

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