Monday, April 15, 2013

What a weekend!

 You might imagine that on weekends when I'm not performing or at a workshop, I lounge around my house, snuggling with the corgis and maybe catching up on some reading. But nope, even when I'm not in the public eye, there's usually something that I'm up to. This weekend was no exception, and in fact, it was pretty fun and exciting!

On Saturday I went over to Bellydance Tucson to film my first-ever audition video. Wow, was that nerve-wracking! You never realize how many tiny little things go wrong when you're dancing until you're trying to get a "perfect" take! But it was a fun learning experience and I finally got to wear this Anaya Tribal costume that I bought back in Autumn, and I did some new things with my makeup.

Speaking of makeup, after class on Sunday I popped over to Liora K's studio so we could collaborate on this week's Beauty Blogging for Belly Dancers column. I am SO excited! Not only did Liora do some fun things to my face (as you can see), but she took lots of pictures, which you know are going to be 5000x better than what I've been taking with my iPhone in my bathroom.

It's always fun to get together with someone else to do makeup anyway, because they see the things in my train case differently than I do. I pretty much have specific items that I use for specific things, and then everything else is something I saw on sale at Ulta, used once, and then set aside. Between my private lesson with Jolie and yesterday's session with Liora, I definitely feel like I need to be more open-minded and experimental with my collection and see what sort of fun new things I can do.

Be sure to come back on Friday to see more pictures, product reviews, and a nearly step-by-step breakdown of what Liora did with my eyes.

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