Friday, July 5, 2013

Three Eyeliner Pencils

 If you've ever wondered what I look like after dancing four numbers at Open Stage and then dancing to awesome live music on a night that happens to be over 100 degrees, well, here you go. I have got to remember to take my makeup pictures before my gigs. That look on my face says "What? Do I really have to take a picture before I wash my face and go to bed? And why did I take my false lashes off first?"

 Anyway, last night's look involved three different eyeliner pencils. I really like buying pencils, I think it's because they remind me so much of colored pencils and crayons. I loved to color when I was a kid! Plus eyeliner pencils are a really easy way to add a little more color to an eye look that's just not quite popping for you.

Here are the three pencils I used:
1. Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in Flashy Blue. I think they discontinued these so this review doesn't do you much good. Sorry!
2. Kat Von D Waterproof Autograph Pencil in Black Metal Love.
3. Sephora Nano in Pure White which is currently out of stock. I am just striking out today!

Haaaaaaaand swaaaaaaatch! The picture probably doesn't show it well but the Flashy Blue is nicely metallic. I like it a lot and wish I had more than two colors from this line (the other is a green, surprise I know) and the Black Metal Love has lots of silver glitter (which is why I bought it, because I have more plain black pencils than I can ever use, thanks for that UD). The white is a plain ol' white. My thoughts on each one:

1. This is a great accent color. Held up well under my eye all night. Most of it came off easily when I removed my makeup but there was one spot under each eye where I had some blue staining.

2. Applied really smoothly, held up well, came off easily at the end of the night. $10 is a bit much for such a small pencil but I might buy more colors especially if I have a coupon.

3. Nano liners are a good deal at $5. I tried this on my waterline to brighten my eyes and make them look larger. I think it helped? However, the white pencil picked up the black and blue liner really easily, so next time I should plan ahead and do the white first rather than making up my eye look as I went along. Did not actually look white in waterline, just brightened it, but since it looks white on my hand it will probably look white when used around the eye. Could make for fun accents.

Over all: I'm sorry if this shatters any of your images about bellydancers being glamorous, but I sweated a LOT last night and my eyeliner stayed in place. I wore these for about 6 hours, danced a whole lot, adjusted my fake lashes and my liner still looked fine. So any of these would be good buys for a dancer.


  1. When I use a pencil, I also use a little bit of eye shadow over it (in the same color) just so it will set in and dry. It helps.

    And BTW, this is how I look after a show:

    1. Hahahahaha, I love that picture! I know that feeling, just wishing you could fall asleep in your full costume, hair and makeup because it's going to take forever to get ready for bed otherwise :)


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