Tuesday, October 8, 2013


 BFFs stands for Beautiful, Fabulous Females, obviously! Look at us.

The problem with having your best friend live across the state is that you don't get to hang out often, especially when your weekends are jam-packed with dance. Usually when I get to see my friend Jen, it's because we're both at a dance event (often, I'm crashing at her place for a dance weekend), so we don't get a lot of time to just sit and talk. But this week she had some time off so we had what I am calling The 2nd Annual Jen and AJ Wear Boots and Drink Tea Regardless of How Warm it is Because it is October, For Pity's Sake (2nd annual because we did basically the same thing this time last year). A relaxed morning/afternoon of drinking tea, catching up on our dance lives and regular lives, brainstorming about upcoming events, and drinking more tea. Oh yes, and wearing boots, even if they were paired with skirts and tanktops. Last year involved scarves, but last year we went up onto the mountain where it was actually cool.

I'd like to think that this serves as an official kick-off for the Fall season :)

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