Friday, October 18, 2013

NYX Wonder Pencil

 On a recent dance troupe trip to Ulta, I picked up the NYX Wonder Pencil, along with a couple other NYX products that I'll be reviewing soon. They have a reputation for producing relatively high-quality products at a great price, including a lot of dupes of more expensive products.
The Wonder Pencil (shown here in "Light" because I am incredibly pale) is a multi-purpose concealer pencil. it has a fine tip like a liner pencil, which makes it ideal for lining your lips, covering small blemishes, or brightening your waterline. I use it a lot for that last one, including in the top image here. It helps make your eyes look larger and more alert, but it's very subtle so you can easily use it for daytime or "natural" looks.

I don't use it for covering the circles under my eyes, because I still feel like my Urban Decay concealer pencil is better for that, as the thicker pencil makes for a quicker application.

The Wonder Pencil has a really smooth, easy application and seems to hold up well to being worn for dance. It keeps creamy lipstick from wandering when used as a liner. It's really affordable, really versatile, and easy to throw in your dance bag for quick touch-ups. I'd call this one a win!


  1. I'd be a bit cautious about a multi-purpose pen like that. There is bacteria on your face that you really don't want to transfer into your eyes.

    1. Oh, for sure you should keep the pencil clean and not line your lips and then your water line without a cleaning between them!


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