Sunday, September 11, 2011

I don't like dancing to the flute!

Day 254 of practice.

I've been learning so much from this improv challenge. Tonight's lesson was that I don't enjoy dancing to New Age-y Native American style flute music. Really, the whole message of this challenge has been to reinforce to me the importance of having some sort of emotional connection to the music. Some songs have personal meaning to me. Others just conjure up fun memories of dancing with my friends in class. Then there are the songs that draw me in with their beauty. And then aside from all that are songs that have nothing wrong with them, they just don't inspire me to great heights of dancing.

Other than improv, today's practice consisted of various isolations while I was waiting for customers at a bead show, and shimmies while I did the dishes. I should probably practice more (didn't I say something about DC Skirt?) but to be honest, I feel like making some jewelry so that's what I'm going to do.


  1. OOOOO! I like dancing to the flute, very balletish. Classical flute! Jethro Tull flute! So much potential.

    As for New Age N.A. flute, no. I think of that as music for yoga and meditation. If I tried to dance to some of that I might slip into Savasana and take the audience with me.

    I'm sure there is some N.A. flute music out there that is danceable, but nothing that I would ever attempt.

  2. That's my problem... The flute is so light and beautiful that I feel the need to dance lightly, but I'm more of a dark, earthy sort of girl. I do love it as an accent in dancing, but an entire song that is flute-dominated is really hard for me.


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