Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where are my zills?

Day 258 of practice.

My zills are missing! I couldn't find them in my dance bag at class last night, so I figured I had left them at home... but I can't find them at home, either :( I had to use loaner zills and class and half of them had elastic that was too tight and the others were too loose.

Otherwise, class was fun. In DC skirt class, Shannon had members of the student troupe pair up with non-troupe students, which was awesome because I was able to have the more experienced dancer lead the combos, and then talk me through leading them myself. We practiced passing and fading and my partner was so happy with how quickly I got it that she gave me a big ol' hug.

In other awesome news, my sweet friend Jen aka Sata brought me back a beautiful green bead and medallion belt that she found while on vacation in California. It's the perfect shade of green, I'm pretty sure the medallions are set with malachite (one of my favorite stones) and it's so pretty that I must have gotten compliments from a dozen people just during class!


  1. Your zills are in the last place that you left them at. I know. I'm so helpful. :-)

    I think my partner thinks I'm a nincompoop. The class moves too slow for me so my attention keeps wandering off and thinking about all the choreographic potential of the moves we learned so far.

    When it came time to partner up I kept forgetting myself and slipped into doing my own thing instead of following her.

    She gets all kinds of kudos for being so patient with me.

    Oh well. I'm not there to be tribal. I'm there to learn some new dance vocabulary.

  2. Oh no!! Hope you find your zills soon, I'd be so sad if I lost mine :(

    Great job in class!! Feels so great when something comes easy to us and our peers our encouraging :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. My zills turned out to be caught up in Chris's labcoat, which had been sitting next to my dance bag. I must have gone to drop them in the bag and dropped them on the lab coat instead.

    I often feel like skirt class is moving too fast for me, but that's probably because I AM there to be tribal, and I'm worrying about getting it exactly right so I can hopefully dance at a recital or something. I've been doing better with this class, though, because I've had enough DC classes that I'm starting to get how they think :)

  4. Yes, no daydreaming in class!


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