Saturday, September 10, 2011


Day 252 of practice.

Today's improv practice was to "What?" by Rob Zombie. It's fun to shimmy to metal music. I was caught unawares by a very abrupt ending, though. That's my least favorite part about doing improv to unfamiliar music... You can't always tell when the song is winding down and you might get caught in an awkward pose.

I also practiced my zills, which sounded awful. Even the chicken in my pants can't help me once I start moving my arms!

Then I worked on my solo, which was fun. Afterwards, another song came on and I was catching accents. My husband walked in and said "Did you just do chest lifts to that?" to which I said haughtily, "Of course not, those were chest DROPS." He merely looked amused. I guess it is weird to be just standing there and then do a series of quick chest moves, but slip them into a performance and they make it look awesome.

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