Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back on Datura Online!

I let my Datura Online subscription lapse back before Tribal Fest, because my credit card on file expired and I hadn't been using the videos very often, so it made sense to let it go dormant for a bit. However, with my current focus on practicing more, more, MORE it seemed like a good idea to turn it back in and take advantage of all the great new videos.

It's still too hot during the day for me to want to buckle down for one of the hour-plus videos, but luckily DO has a lot of shorter options, too. I decided that I'd try Henna's "The Cairo 8" video because I've been wanting to learn some more Egyptian stylization, and at 16 minutes long it was just right to round out my practice after I did my solo for Saturday and some zills.

This popular move which dates back to the Golden Age of bellydance is broken down into components, then put together, then drilled at slow and fast speeds, and is done on the right and the left, then together. There's also a variation with a hip drop, and Henna demonstrates how a couple of Golden Age dancers did it and explains what sort of music you'll often see it used with. I was able to keep up with the slow drills, but I'm definitely going to have to revisit the video several times until I can do it up to speed!

I like having a short video that focuses on a single move. It's a good way to be able to really drill something specific, learn it inside and out, and build it into your muscle memory. Plus when it's less than 20 minutes, it's really easy to work it into your day between other things and get a little targeted dance practice.

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