Friday, August 2, 2013

Sephora Impulse Buys

 Have I admitted yet that I come from a family that self-medicates through retail therapy? For at least three generations of my Mom's side, when we're feeling down we shop. But it doesn't just have to be sadness, sometimes it's 100 degrees out and your house is not sufficiently cool and you're bored of sweating at the computer, so you drag your husband off to the mall to enjoy some air conditioning and window shopping. Then you're like "Well let's go to Sephora because I want to see if they have the new UD lipstick" and then when they don't, you just wander around because you want to buy something. Let's pretend that I only bought these two somethings and that there's not also a little bag full of nail polish minis (in my defense, they were only a dollar each).
Did you know that Sephora is clearing out their entire Sephora by OPI line of nail polish? I'm curious to see what they replace it with. I really wanted to buy about a zillion colors, but I settled for "Is She For Reel?" which my husband pointed out. See, there was a reason to drag him along, his eye is caught by different things than mine. I go for the same greens that I already have three variations of, and he notices the super-sparkly silver with iridescent micro-glitter. It's hard to describe this color, it's kind of like... magical pyrite. Does that make sense? How about... silver titanium coated drusy? Maybe? Well anyway, I totally recommend going to your local Sephora to see if it's still in-stock, or ordering on-line, because this color is sweet. You know those weekends when you have multiple gigs and each one has a totally different colored costume? Well, this is the super-sparkly neutral that will go with all of them. I'm wearing two coats and it actually looks more opaque in person than it does in the picture.
 Now, what is this interesting little bottle and why is it purple instead of green? Have I been replaced by an alien pod person? Would I tell you if I was? Stop worrying about that and go check out Light Storm Liquid Shadow. It's shiny! This is the Smoked Grape color which isn't on the website, oddly enough.
 LOOK AT HOW SHINY IT IS! It has this amazing shimmery color-shift effect. You can see why I had to buy it even though it doesn't come in green. Of the three colors available, Chris and I felt that Smoked Grape had the best shine and color shift (yes, my man is confident enough in his masculinity to offer an opinion on purple eyeshadow).
Thankfully we were wearing our all-black costumes for Open Stage last night, so I had the perfect opportunity to get purple on my eyes. I think this color wears really well on my skin tone. I did a smokey eye with my favorite almost-black MAC eyeshadow, a cool purple I found in one of my UD palettes, and then some NYX glitter to keep it from looking too bruise-y. Add some black gel liner and some black mascara, plus a little maroon liner under the eye (not visible here due to lashes) and I'm good to go! Style note: Sometimes if you wear purple eyeshadow and red lipstick, it either clashes weirdly or looks too Red Hat Lady-ish, so I forewent my usual red and instead applied the light metallic plummy color from one of my Blast Flipsticks (hahahaha) and dabbed it with a bit of the same glitter as my eyes to tie it together. I think it was a good choice.

Oh yeah. I guess I should actually review the product and talk about application! It comes with a fuzzy wand applicator like some lip glosses. I put it on my lid with that and then blended it out with my eye. Of course I applied it over my trusty UD Primer Potion and then used a little UD makeup setting spray to hold everything in place. I am happy to say that at the end of the night, after several hours of wear, a lot of dancing and some sweating, it still looked great! It had not collected in my crease at all, and the color had not faded.

I am giving this a strong recommendation for my fellow dancers! It looks great, it's easy to apply, and it wears well! Those of you who wear a lot of purple or pink will really love this specific color. I think I'm going to go pick up the Caramel Cream as well because while it has less color-shift it's still pretty shiny and would go well with a couple of costumes I've got in the works. Also, if you love green like I do, please join me in lobbying Sephora to make this product available in either a green-gold shift or a green-blue shift inspired by jewel beetle elytra. That would make my life complete!

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