Friday, August 30, 2013

Hanging out in Sicksville

Sorry about the lack of a Beauty Blogging for Bellydancers column today, or really, any blog content at all this week. I came down with a cold after ballet class on Monday night and I have not felt particularly clear-headed all week. Any attempt to write a blog post would have ended up reading something like "Colds are dumb and so are undercutters. BAM!"

Anyway, I am feeling mostly better but I also have a raging case of what I call "sick face." You know how it is... nose all red and chapped, skin somewhat lackluster, maybe some dark circles under the eyes. It would take a whole lot of concealer to make me feel comfortable showing my face on the internet today! I really hope that I am looking better tomorrow since I will be performing with Skirt Full of Fire and Fire & Gold at the Fall Plaza Intensive Show!

Sickness aside, I am getting pretty excited for the Autumn months! There's a lot coming up... Vegas next week, then I go finally get my tattoo completed, then in October we have Tucson Meet Yourself and I have two weddings and (hopefully) a Beats Antique concert to go to! November will round things out with the All Souls Procession and Desert Shakedown. And that's just the stuff that I already know about. There's sure to be more great things in store.

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