Monday, January 2, 2012

My lungs!

I'm going to do away with the "Day X" of practice now, since I've completed my year of practice.

Today was my first dance class since getting sick on the 22nd. I'm still a little sick, still coughing mostly. So doing an intense choreo was maybe not the best way to get back into class! But I'm happy I went to class, because it was nice to kick the year off with Jolie and Brooke and challenge myself.

I'm still trying to decide what my goals are for 2012, and I'm reconsidering a lot of what I'm doing as a dancer, and trying to decide what my overarching goal for my dance career is, and what I'm doing with myself. You know, all that existential angst stuff. But enough of that. I'm going to go buy myself a shiny thing!


  1. I feel your angst. What shiny thing did you buy?

  2. This one! I've had my eye on it since she listed it, and she was running a flash sale tonight so I decided to snag it.


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