Sunday, February 19, 2012

TTBDC Practice

Today the Tucson Tribal Belly Dance Collective had a very productive practice where we picked a couple of songs to perform to, and now we're building our first themed set. I'm happy to say that I provided the song for our badass sword trio. I'm also pretty excited about the costuming ideas we have.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Renaissance Faire in full tribal gear, because that's how I roll. I just made myself a new tribal necklace with a giant stone cicada. It's pretty epic, I'll have to post pictures. Actually I think I have a few new things that I need to post pictures of.

Oh, there was also a trip to crazy accessory store Charming Charlie where I picked up three ridiculous cocktail rings. IT'S AN ADDICTION! One if them is some sort of weird swan-peacock hybrid.

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