Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why is it so cold?

Dear mother nature,

Thank you for the Valentine's Day gift. Rain is always welcome in the desert. Way to double-dip on gifting for Valentine's AND Arizona's 100th birthday! However, I'm not really sure why the rain had to come complete with a sudden plunge in temperature. You do realize that our space at BreakOut Studios is unheated, right?

Love, AJ

No, seriously, it dipped down to about 40 degrees during the rain today. It was back up to about 48 by the time I went to class, but it was SO COLD in that room! I took a lot of teasing from Jolie because I decided to skip 101 and only come to Drills, because I couldn't face two hours of bone-numbing chill. I did enjoy class while I was there, but the cold was definitely uncomfortable, especially in my feet and hands. Brr! I hope this is winter's last hurrah before Spring!

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