Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weather can bite me

Days 218 and 219 of practice.

Buh. I was supposed to spend the day at the New York Renaissance Faire, where I would get to see Veldrina, my one NY belly dance friend. But no. The weather had other ideas in mind. It rained. And it was humid. Is humid. Will forever be humid.

Have I ever mentioned that I have lived in deserts my entire life? The East Coast is not for me.

The other thing I was supposed to do is attend the first meeting of The Anaya Tribe, the new student troupe that I will be joining. But obviously, being on Long Island made it rather difficult to get to Plaza. So I soothed my sad spirit by shopping all day. I bought a femme fatale hat, huge earrings, a bracelet with a beetle on it, oh yes, and clothes for my mundane life, too.

Yesterday's practice was not really worth mentioning, as I was in a food coma and barely moved. Today's practice was much better. I did some isolations, struggled to remember skirt and fan moves (and why, exactly, would I want to wear a 25 yard skirt in this humidity?) then put on some music and danced for my mother in law. It was hard to do traveling moves in the little living room though! I'm starting to miss my tiled entry way practice area at home.

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