Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm Fancy!

I had a private makeup lesson with Jolie today and now I am looking -- and feeling -- extra fancy! I learned how to improve my contouring and blush skills, how to do a smoky eye properly and how to do a cat eye (which did not turn into a panda eye, whew!). I couldn't bear to wash all our hard work right off of my face, so I'm going to be super-pretty for dinner and troupe practice tonight.

I'm pretty excited because not only will this help me with looking nice for performances, but it also means better skills for my weekly Beauty Blogging for Bellydancers columns! If I keep practicing hard, I might even get good enough to start doing the occasional tutorial -- for instance, I wouldn't mind sharing how I did my elytra-themed look, and I'm going to be doing some hardcore woodlands faerie makeup soon.

Really, I have to admit that next to the actual dancing, and the costuming, one of my favorite parts of being a bellydancer is having the excuse to spend an entire afternoon just playing with makeup, all in the name of professional development. My inner girly-girl loves it!

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