Friday, March 29, 2013

Make it Stick!

I want to practice my newly improve makeup skills a little more before I do a new cosmetics review, so today I'd like to talk about the invisible products that help us keep our makeup where we want it. Because after all, it really doesn't matter how beautiful your look is if it slides right off your face, right?

The first one is probably a "Well duh" if you're not a makeup newbie. It seems like almost everyone I know who wears eyeshadow loves their Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I have to admit, when I first heard about it I was new to cosmetics and I was like "What? ANOTHER layer of makeup to put on my face? I think they are just trying to milk me for more money. I am having nothing of this!" Then I got a free sample, tried it, and was hooked for life. That little bottle in the picture is my second one and it's almost empty. Anyway, these days it comes in little squeezy tubes so it's not as hard to get every last drop out, and it comes in four colors. I still prefer the original, as it has a nice pink base that matches my skin well, but depending on your complexion you may want something different.

So what is so awesome about this product? Well, it goes on nice and smooth and then it serves as a good base for your eye makeup to adhere to. It tends to make products go on better, stay longer, and be less likely to crease. A little dab'll do ya... just put it on the center of your lid and pat/smooth it out with your finger. Let dry for a moment then start piling on the eyeshadow!

But what if you want to put some glitter on top of that shadow? Some people swear you can just use a little water, but I find that when I do that, I get more fallout than I'm really comfortable with. Others use eyelash glue, but that's a pain to remove and can leave your lid feeling gunky, so I only do that when I either want a TON of glitter or I need to draw a really defined line. When I just want a nice application that is super easy and stays in place, I always turn to The Fix from Medusa's Makeup (you'll have to scroll past all the glitter to find it. Oh no! Don't get distracted by the shinies!). This all-natural wax goes on really lightly but holds the glitter right where you want it. It's also safe to use on your lips if you want, or really, any part of your face that could use some glitter. I like that it comes in a nice little pot for ease of transportation just in case you need a glitter touch-up on the go. I've used this a few times with several different brands of glitter for various gigs and it has always done its job.

By the way, if you are in Tucson you can pick this up at Razorz Edge on 4th Ave, and while you're there you can also sample the colors of mineral shadow and glitter, and then buy some, because hey, you've got to support local businesses and there's no such thing as too much glitter (I'm always happy to justify your purchases!).

Now back to Urban Decay! Once you've got all your makeup on, you want it to stay there, and that's what the All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is for. A few spritzes and your cosmetic's artistry is there to STAY! How effective is this? Well, remember that gorgeous eye makeup from Wednesday? I was worried about how it would last through class so I hit myself with some All Nighter on my way out the door. When I got to the studio our room was already pretty muggy from the class before us and we just made it sweatier. We danced for two hours straight and I was dripping with sweat. I came home, looked in the mirror, and everything was still perfect. So I'm pretty sure it will hold up for just about any gig you do, as long as you're not dancing in the pouring rain.

By the way, this is another product that UD has recently changed the packaging on, so you'll see that the one in the link looks different from mine, which I only purchased a few months ago. I also have the smaller sized bottle, which is easier to throw in your gig bag (to share with your troupemates!), and honestly, it takes 2-4 quick spritzes to set your face, that little bottle is going to last forever.

Best thing about these products? Through some strange magic, even though they hold your makeup on while you dance and sweat, at the end of the night they don't make your cosmetics any harder to remove! There's really nothing worse than scrubbing at that last bit of stubbornly glued-on glitter when you just want to go to bed after a late-night gig.

Readers: Do you have a favorite primer, adhesive or setting product that keeps your makeup looking amazing after dancing all night or being in workshops all day?

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