Friday, March 22, 2013

Lipstick Review

 Today I'd like to discuss a decent drug store brand lipstick: COVERGIRL blastflipstick. Hey, before I get to reviewing, can we just agree that Blast Flipstick sounds like the two-fisted man-of-science hero of a 1950s monster movie? "Blast Flipstick! Manhattan is under attack by a giant pterodactyl! Jump into your FlipJet and save the day!"
 Silly name aside, these are a nice product because they have two blendable colors in each affordable tube (retail is about $7ish and they're often on sale at Target and I recently had a coupon). It's basically three colors in one, because you can wear either color on its own or layer or blend them (so probably more than three if you get really creative in your blending). The two colors I have are "Intense" (a plum and frosty pink combo) and "Minx" (chocolate brown and gold). At the top of this post I am wearing the darker shade of Intense with just a touch of the light over it.
 Here's your handy-dandy hand swatch. Pretty smooth colors!
This is an attempt at an ombre look with the lighter shade of Intense and a bit of the plum blended in at the center of my lips. You can see the that light shade is a nice, shimmery nude on me. I could actually do this for day wear if I ever wore lipstick when I wasn't performing.
Here's Minx, with the dark all over and the gold at the middle (bad lighting makes it look uniform). I like this color because it is brown, but it also allows my natural lip color to come through just a tiny bit, so it doesn't look weird (because brown lips are not always the best look for a fair, freckled Irish-Welsh girl like me). This is going to be my go-to color for steampunk and forest faerie looks, but it could go for a lot of other styles too! I could see it for a jungle girl look with leopard print, a chocolate-themed looked, or paired with brown leather. It's also nice for some vintage-inspired looks. I also have a feeling that it would look even browner if you put down a brown lip pencil over your lips first. I'll experiment with that.

So how does it rate for dancers? Well, it comes recommended by my teacher Jolie, and I generally feel like if a pro likes it, it must be good. But I took it for a test-run today. It held up well through an hour-long dance lesson. Then I went to lunch where I suffered a bit of color loss but still had most of it. So if you have a restaurant gig with two sets a night, you could wear this, eat a little hummus between sets and just need a quick touch-up. It might hold up even better with a lip primer -- I haven't worked much with those but they're on my to-try list.

I'm also pretty happy with the stickiness factor. I was whipping my hair around like a fiend and it only grabbed on a little bit and then let go. There's nothing worse to me than super-sticky lip products. This one seems to dress and settle pretty well, without drying your actual lips out like a matte lipstick.

This gets a definite thumbs up for me. I think it's a great way to add some color variety to your lip products without a huge money investment, which is great if you pretty much only wear lipstick for performances. And since it's a drug store brand it's easy to grab on the go if you realize on the way to a far-away gig that you forgot your lipstick.

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