Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Technique Time

One of the many gorgeous photos that Pedro Romano took at the Temple of Eden show.

Lately it feels like when I've been dancing at all, I've been entirely focused on pushing out new material. Not only do I try to have something new for every Open Stage, but I also had a mock audition as a private lesson, and I had to come up with three all-new solos for that. Not easy to do when I was in the middle of hating all of my music, let me tell you!

So for the next month or so, I want to turn my focus towards refining what I already have. Whether it's practicing troupe choreographies that I've grown rusty on, or drilling basics, or playing with layers, or trying to add a new move to my vocabulary, I'm going to be working on growing as a dancer rather than growing my collection of pre-made solos.

I do have one more new, special thing that I have been challenged to do for the next Open Stage (more on that tomorrow or Thurs), but after that I'm good for the next few months thanks to the things I worked on for my mock audition. I feel like unless something comes up that I need a specific themed piece for, I should have enough solos to draw from for any event that comes up. I don't need to make something new until I really feel inspired again.

Besides, between troupe performances coming up and Mira Betz and Tribal Fest around the corner, I really need to be at my tip-top best to keep up!  

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