Monday, July 4, 2011

Dancing in the rain

Day 184 of practice.

It rained today! This is kind of a big deal because it feels like we might be in for a real monsoon season for the first time in years. The desert has been so dry, and of course if you follow the news at all you probably know about the fires here in AZ and also in NM. We had a storm on Wednesday, but it was at 3:30am so I didn't get a chance to dance in it. Today's rain came in around 10pmish, so I paused the movie we were watching and ran outside to dance just a bit. It was surprisingly COLD so I didn't dance much. Ha ha! But it felt so nice. I wish the storm had lasted longer.

The rest of my practice consisted of shimmies while I did the dishes and glute squeezes while I read. The big problem with monsoons is that it makes a lie of our unofficial state slogan "But it's a dry heat!" The only thing worse than trying to dance in the heat is trying to dance in heat and humidity.


  1. I'm hoping we have a big, windy, thunder & lightning filled, WET Monsoon season this year, with a few good haboobs. I'm so tired of the dry, wimpy Monsoons we've been having.

    BTW, it's not that humid. I used to live in Michigan, I know humidity. This is nothing.

  2. I'm with you in hoping for a real monsoon season with so much rain! Though hopefully not a lot of rainy Thursdays, hate driving the I-10 in a storm ;)

    And yes, I know our humidity is nothing compared to Michigan or NY or FL or any of those places... But I have lived all my life in deserts. This is humid for me! When I visit NY and it's humid I'm miserable.


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