Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm a fan of my new fans

Day 189 of practice.

Tonight's practice mainly consisted of doing "raver fans" with my new fans. In the skirt/fan fusion class, we only use one fan, in our right hand (leaving our left free to manipulate the skirt), but I figured I might as well do them with both hands, since I have a left hand fan too and who knows when I might get the chance to take a double fan class. I don't want to be amazing with my right hand and lame with my left. I also did some floreos, some belly rolls, and I'm about to go do shimmies while I wash the dishes.

Anyway, I really like the new fans. My old fans are bamboo and silk with sequins glued on. The silk is fading and fraying, the sequins fall off all over the place, and the bamboo doesn't open as smoothly. My new ones are plastic and I dunno, nylon? They snap open smoothly with a loud, satisfying sound! And they have a pretty scalloped edge with a tiny dot pattern. And of course they're green! I can't wait to spend more time dancing with them.

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