Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am a social butterfly!

Day 196 of practice.

Wow, I am one tired dancer. I was just thinking about it and I realized I've been out of the house and social every day this week. Monday and Tuesday were spent with Jen, Wednesday was class, Thursday was carpooling with Dawn to class, and today was lunch and shopping with my Mom (scored some sweet dancy stuff!) and then I spent the evening at the Metal Arts Village, where I got to hang out with Fonda and meet a lot of people. I'm an introvert, so all of this socializing has worn me out. Or maybe it's the heat. Either way, tired!

Because of this, I'm taking it easy on the practice tonight... Shimmied while I did the dishes, and now I'm dancing to Pandora tunes while I clean the house (being gone all the time is not conducive to a tidy home). The pile of dance stuff that needs to be put away is particularly intimidating, but really it's mostly fluffy 25 yard skirts!

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