Thursday, July 7, 2011

Skirt + Fan

Day 188 of practice.

Skirt! And fan! And skirt! And fan! No, I'm not once again talking about oscillating fans or ceiling fans that interfere with my dance. I'm talking about Divine Chaos Skirt and Fan combos, the class that started tonight. I'm SO excited about it! I love skirt, and I love fan, and now I love them together!

And I also had fun in Anaya Tribal class, because I finally learned the Oojam Bomb. This combo is so ridiculously long, and I've never had it broken down for me, so every time someone would cue it in the "fake it til you make it" section of class, I'd stumble around like an idiot. Now I'm still confused, but least I have an idea of what I should be doing.


  1. Oojam Bomb?? Sounds intense!! What is it?

  2. Hi Chella! I was going to try to describe it to you, but then I realized that I could send you a video :) It's the combo that starts at 2:26ish and ends at 2:48ish. These are my teachers, btw. I LOVE to watch them dance because you can tell how good of friends they are and how much they love what they do!


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