Monday, February 14, 2011

Always warm up!

Day 45 of practice -- a month and a half!

I think it's Princess Farhana who says "Always warm up and cool down -- it's the law!" Well, I bent the law today and only warmed up my legs with a shimmy exercise, while neglecting my arms, and I paid the price! While practicing with my veil, I did something wrong and wrenched something in my left arm. Ow! Massaging and stretching has made it slightly better but it still hurts in some positions. Hopefully I'll sleep it off!

Before that, I managed to get two songs worth of veil practice. Afterwards, I worked on some mayas, taxims, and rib taxims, sans proper arm movement/position. Earlier in the day I did shimmies, traveling steps and whatever else came to mind as I went about my day through the house.

It looks like I'll be going with "Wandering Star" by Portishead for my veil routine. I like that it's slow, but has room for some shimmy accents to punch things up a bit.

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