Monday, February 21, 2011

I want to dance!!!!

Day 52 of practice.

Practice today consisted of isolations in the car, bits of dancing to music overheard as we traveled through Ren Faire, and belly rolls at my desk tonight. Tomorrow I'll finally have time to actually dance during the day and get some good, real practice!

Ren Faire was lots of fun, got to see some dancing, hang out with a dance friend, and buy new costuming goodies. Also got some compliments on my costume, especially my ridiculously large $7 mall bracelet. Hooray for cheap costume jewelry! (Wait! I make jewelry! Why would I say such a thing?)

Also got way too much sun. It was cool and partially cloudy so I foolishly didn't use sunscreen and barely used my parasol. I have very bizarre sunburn patterns all over my body. Good thing I have plenty of time for them to heal before my next performance. I'll just look funny at class!

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