Thursday, February 17, 2011

New veil time!

Day 48 of practice.

Yip yip! I was talking about my need for a new veil, and one of my on-line dance friends and Etsy teammates mentioned how she custom-dyed her own veil using Kool-Aid. I said maybe I would try that, so she not only sent me a link on where to buy a plain white silk veil, but she also quickly posted a tutorial on how to do it! Visit Shiny Shimmy to see the tutorial. I've got a new half-circle veil on the way from Dharma Trading. Hopefully it will turn out well, otherwise I will really be in a time crunch to get a new veil on time!

Anyway, I was supposed to spend today/tonight at Estrella War, hanging out with dance teachers and friends, but budget and time constraints interfered, so here I am home alone, practicing and blogging. I changed things up a bit by dancing to some random songs, doing some level change exercises, and *wince* working with my zills. My goodness, I am still a horrible zill player. I will NOT zill while my mother-in-law is visiting (because I would never subject a house guest to torture), but I will have to go back to practicing with them every. single. day. as soon as she leaves.

I also worked with my veil, practicing for my performance, and discovered more things that simply do not work. But over all I'm happy with how it's progressing, and I've already figured out my exit, so I don't just walk off the stage boringly. Should focus on the entrance next!

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