Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New veil! SQUEEE!

Day 53 of practice.

Today, my plain white silk veil arrived in the mail! I'm supposed to dye it with Kool-Aid, but I'm strangely drawn to its pristine whiteness. I might very well wear all black, and dance with my plain white veil. It kind of fits the sad, down tempo vibe of the song I'm performing to. It would also be nice with Pilgrimage of Lost Children. Hmmmm....

I feel comfortable with the idea of keeping this veil white, because I was very bad at Ren Faire and sort of commissioned a painted/dyed veil from a vendor there who does beautiful work. I say "sort of" because we discussed exactly what I wanted, and she took down my e-mail address to let me know when it's done, but she didn't ask for a deposit, so neither one of us is officially tied down to the deal. But as much as I hate when people back out of deposit-less custom orders on me, I would not do it to this artist unless I have another major house repair or other emergency come up.

Anyway, practice! Since I made oatmeal this morning instead of us going out, I was able to get some fun shimmy, undulation and isolation practice in while I cooked. Then tonight, since I had a NEW VEIL (!!!) and my mother-in-law was still awake, I practiced my veil solo (and let me just say, one-armed spins are so much nicer with silk instead of heavy synthetic), and then some fast Anaya Tribal moves. Of course I also did my usual shimmy warm up, with lots of arm movements so I wouldn't hurt myself, and cooled down with some stretches. Gotta take care of those muscles!

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