Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration from strange places

Day 38 of practice.

Mostly, I get inspired by other dancers, music, props, and costuming. But today I am inspired by a runner! This article explains how Belgian runner Stefaan Engels just completed his goal to run a marathon a day for a year. Compared to 26 miles of running, 30 minutes of dance seems ridiculously easy.

So today, some actual practice! I started off with dancing while cooking oatmeal -- I think this will be a new tradition, until the weather really warms up, at which point I'll switch to dancing while making smoothies. This morning-time practice seems to be really improving my shimmies and it allows me to playfully explore music without thinking so much about specific moves or performing, just having fun.

Just now, I finished doing some more serious dancing. I warmed up with shimmies and arm movements as usual, then did one song each of Anaya Tribal fast and slow moves, to start refreshing my memory before I go back to class on Thursday. My slow vocabulary is frustrating me... I can only remember a few moves reliably. I should spend more time with my DVDs, and ask Cari to spend more time going over slow in class.

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