Saturday, February 12, 2011

Supporting the community

Day 43 of practice.

Tonight I went to an event to raise money to pay off the bills from All Souls 2010, the big awesome parade/show in downtown Tucson that honors our ancestors and lost loved ones in a very showy and creative way. I went out because I enjoyed All Souls, and also because Fonda and Brandye were dancing. It was a good time, and I was able to hang out with Kelli from class, meet a few other dancers, and boogie a bit.

Practice has so far consisted of breakfast-time dancing, dancing through the house off and on all day, and doing belly rolls on the way to the show. I might do some more actual dancing later, but probably not as I am exhausted again. I went to an outdoor gem show (my last show of the season), and being in the sun always wears me out.

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