Sunday, February 20, 2011

More silent practice

Day 51 of practice.

Lesson learned. Gotta dance during the day when my MIL is here, or else I get stuck silently drilling belly rolls while she sleeps. Boring!

I had better work some of these belly rolls into my veil performance, given how much practice I've been having with them.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, where I will see Ghazaal Beledi and maybe Jamila Lotus perform, and I'll shop at the Domba booth, and of course I'll rock a tribal costume. Not sure how I'll work dance practice into the day, other than drilling isolations on the ride up.


  1. Well, you could come to class with Ava at the Al Moro Studio tonight. ;-)

  2. Ha ha, there was no way I would have had enough energy for that! Would have been fun, though :)


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