Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Costume Closet

Day 124 of practice.

If there's one thing this blog needs more of, it's pictures. Here's one of my costume closet! There are a few things in there that belong to my husband, but most of it is mine. Some of it will hopefully go away when we have a costume swap meet here in Tucson (maybe this month?). I made some unwise costume purchases when I was a young dancer, and now I have a lot of things I'll never wear, taking up valuable space that could be occupied by dance pants.

I had to skip class due to timing issues and continued malaise (although I am better today than yesterday), so instead I practiced some skirt moves and more hand and arm drills. I am determined to have beautiful, fluid, boneless-looking arms some day! Also, as part of skirt practice I did lots of spins with spotting and I seem to be getting better with that. Oh, and as part of my warm up I did my layered shimmy homework. It was definitely a multi-faceted practice.

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