Friday, May 13, 2011

Two days in one post

Days 132 and 133 of practice.

As you may or may not be aware, Blogger was down for 20.5 hours yesterday, a span of time that included my late-night attempt to update this blog after class. So while I did in fact practice yesterday, with my customary 3 hours of classes, I was not able to blog about it.

Here's a brief run-down of yesterday: I had a nice drive with Dawn, and classes were pretty good but I was feeling really tired and not really on top of my game. Skirt class was especially challenging, because after two hours of classes already, I was really beat! Then I got almost home, after dropping Dawn off, and got stuck behind a stupid train. After waiting 8 minutes, I took advantage of an opening and made an illegal mid-interesction U-turn to get out of there. It took me 6 minutes to detour around the train tracks, and guess what? The train was still there! So I'm glad I didn't wait. Who knows how long I would have been stuck there.

Today I had some nice afternoon practice at home. I tried to do some belly flutters and failed. I expect many more days of failure before I have success. Then I put on some music and practiced this-and-that. I found that I still very much like dancing to "Convivio" so I think I will perform to it the next time there's a hafla. I did some Anaya Tribal fast and slow, then spent an entire song walking back and forth across my living room with various traveling shimmies, including glute shimmies which is pretty awesome because until the Mira Betz workshop, I thought I couldn't even do glute shimmies. Then I decided to dance to one random song, and once again the ol' iPod stuck me with something slow and hard to work with -- "The Witch" by Danny Elfman. The man's a great composer, but as it turns out, movie soundtracks are not ideal to dance to. Oh well. It was fun for practice.

This weekend will be jam-packed with dance! Deb Rubin workshops, a group dinner with Deb Rubin, a joint birthday party for two dance friends, more workshops, a MECDA meeting, and then watching Anaya Tribal, Qadesh and Divine Chaos perform before I head home to collapse into a heap of exhaustion.

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