Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please break my brain

Day 146 of practice.

Still in that bad mood, but at least class was a lot of fun tonight. My awesome carpool buddy Dawn couldn't come with me, so I decided to skip beginner class, mainly so that I could actually eat a real dinner before leaving. Usually I have a PB&J sandwich and maybe some chips or apple sauce, so it's really no wonder that I can't focus by the time skirt class comes around!

All of our Anaya teachers were out of town, so Shannon from Divine Chaos was our substitute teacher for the night. She went over a couple of moves then gave us some really fun formations and exercises to play with for the rest of the class. This was just what I needed! I think my brain is bored of just hanging out while my body repeats the same moves over and over to put them in my muscle memory. I know that practice and repetition are important, but I also need mental stimulation! Tonight gave me some of that.

Then Shannon taught skirt class, and we learned SO MANY Divine Chaos combos! I'll have to practice hard all week if I intend to keep them in my head.

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