Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fast and slow and a third of the way there

Day 122 of practice.

Wow, is a third of the year really behind me? I guess it is!

Today's practice was a little bit of dancing while cleaning earlier, working on my fast layered shimmies homework, and doing some really slow arm drills and floreo practice. Mira Betz talked about tempo changes during the workshops last month, so that's been on my mind lately and has me listening to music a little differently and working on the sort of syrupy slow dancing that Cari exhorts us to strive for in Anaya Tribal classes. Usually I dance too fast, because I'm an impatient person, but I'm starting to understand the dramatic impact of moving super slow, and then throwing in something fast where the music calls for it, then slinking back into slow. I played with it a little bit in my Convivio solo, but I didn't get super-slow because I wasn't thinking that way yet and also I always dance faster when I'm nervous!

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