Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturdays are hard!

Day 120 of practice... four months!

I find it hard to get the necessary practice on alternate Saturdays, as we host a roleplaying game at our house (did I mention I'm a nerd?). Today was especially hard because instead of spending the afternoon at home, cleaning for the game and dancing, we went out for lunch with my family.

I did get some practice today... I did some sloooooooow hip circles while talking with my husband. I've been into doing things really slow the past couple of days, now that I have more muscle control it's fun to take advantage of it. I also danced a little bit while doing some quick cleaning. And I drilled knee shimmies and did some arm drills while actually playing the game.

Also I got a cool gift today from my brother! He got me a Fire Fans DVD! It has how-tos and inspirational performances! I can't wait to watch it and then start learning!

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