Friday, April 15, 2011

Dizzy dancer

Day 105 of practice.

Wooo... dizzy. I like to end my fast solo with a bunch of fast spins. The problem is that I'm not exactly great at spotting... sometimes I get it perfect, but the more I spin the sloppier I get. It's a hard thing to practice, because after messing up a few times I'm too dizzy to continue! I should make a point of practicing a little each day, even when I have other classes and workshops and such.

I foolishly placed my slow solo song *after* my fast solo song on my play list, which meant that I went into this new possible solo a bit unsteady and lightheaded. This caused me to mess up a few moves (especially the new one I just learned last night!), but over all I'm happy with it. If I dance to the rhythm, I can throw in a few medium/fast moves that lend themselves well to slow medium tempo, and if I dance to the melody, I can do languorous slow moves. If only I was good at languorous slow moves! The song just makes me feel so beautiful, and I think there's a lot of possibility for it if I practice really hard this week. I could also see myself using it for veil sometime in the future.

In addition to a shimmy warm-up and the two solo practices, I did a bunch of arm and hand drills while catching up on The Daily Show, and got a little tray balancing practice earlier. Tomorrow I have to clean the house, so I might see how many chores I can do with a tray on my head -- I can even use it to carry my dust rags!

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