Monday, April 18, 2011

One last lazy day

Day 107 of practice.

I haven't been really dedicated to practice this week. I've been dancing every day and working on my solo and balancing my basket and making flash cards, but there hasn't been real strict adherence to my goal of half an hour. Well, that ends tomorrow! Tomorrow I plan to start two weeks of hardcore dance practice, minimum of one hour a day, plus serious dance immersion -- reading dance magazines and blogs, watching dance videos, organizing dance costumes, making dance jewelry, creating dance playlists, etc etc etc! I feel like if I spend a couple of weeks really buckling down and dancing hard, it will get me back on track and make it easier to get 30 minutes when things get busy for me again.

As for today's practice, it involved working on isolations, balancing my tray on my head, a shimmy warm up, and running my solo.

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