Saturday, April 16, 2011

Level changes

Day 106 of practice.

Ok, I am so using the new song for my solo next week! It's called "Convivio" by Unto Ashes and it is seriously beautiful. The lyrics are from Il Convivio by Dante, but the music has a very Middle Eastern sound to it. I'm really enjoying the ability to switch tempos, and throw in level changes! I practiced it twice today, once spontaneously when it came on while I was cleaning, and once just now, in the tiny spot of my living room that is currently taken up by the gaming table or the discarded belongings of my gaming group.

Also today I practiced some shimmy drills, some tray balancing, and some arm isolations, plus dancing while cleaning. And I plan to run my solo one more time before bed, after all the gamers have left and I can reclaim my living room!

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