Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love you, internet!

Day 91 of practice.

It's pretty clear that I at least like the internet, since I have a blog to chronicle my daily belly dance practice, and that blog has links to my jewelry blog, and my Etsy shop, and blogs I like to read. But tonight I'm hear to say that I don't just like the internet, I love it.

You see, it's very hot in my house tonight. We went from a couple weeks of lovely, perfect temperatures to suddenly being in the upper 90s. Yuck! Way too hot to do some shimmy practice, like I had been thinking of doing. So I was sitting here procrastinating, and my husband was listening to some good music on his computer, so I decided to use my computer to see if I could find the album for sale, and not only did I find it, but it was on a 3 for $20 sale, so we had to find two other CDs we wanted, which meant we had to look some bands up on YouTube to see if we liked their music, and next thing you know I'm dancing around the office! Oh, but not before I ordered the music! There's nothing quite like being able to shop after midnight, in your nightgown.

I even got to dance to an oud taxim, which as it turns out, was pretty hard. While doing so I got to tell my husband all about taxims and maqam, which is funny because he is a musician and I am so not. I just read things and pay attention in class and file it away with all the other random trivia stored in my brain.

After that, I had to go do my daily 5-6 minutes of zilling, which was predictably cacophonous. Not only that, but the worse my zilling gets, apparently the harder I play. After only 6 minutes, my thumbs hurt! Ugh. I need to learn to relax before I do some damage.

Anyway, all this talk of music makes me realize that I should do some work on the music links here on this blog... sounds like a good project for Sunday!

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