Saturday, April 23, 2011

Glutes glutes glutes

Day 112 of practice.

It's hot and I'm in my usual post-solo lull where I'm trying to decide what music I want to practice to next. So today I decided to practice some drills... and I made myself stand here and drill glute shimmies for almost 15 minutes straight! And I kept nice upper-body posture for most of it. I think next time I'll put a basket on my head, that way I'll definitely know when I'm not isolated enough :)

I did do a bit of actual dancing earlier. I found that I have five versions of "Cantara" on my iTunes list... The original Dead Can Dance and then four covers (including two different versions by Rajna). I had this silly idea to listen to them all in a row, just to see if I could and to see if any of them were bad so I could delete them. But I liked them all and I danced around a bit while I listened to them. It's hard not to dance to it, it really pulls me in.

So with glute shimmies and dancing around, and other assorted drills, I'm sitting at around half an hour. So much for my great plan of an hour of dance a day for two weeks. *sigh* I think I'll blame the heat.


  1. LOL!! Why don't you wait until the weather cools off again?

  2. That's six months from now! Ha ha! I'll drop you a little e-mail on why I'm doing it now :)


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