Sunday, April 24, 2011

Does hooping count as dance practice?

Day 114 of practice.

What an unexpectedly full weekend I've had! I spent tonight out at the Pima County Fair, seeing the sights and hanging out with the performers of Elemental Artistry, one of our local fire performance troupes. My brother was working fire safety for them and offered to give me a ride to the fair.

Turns out the County Fair is not really my scene, but I did manage to have a good time. I really enjoyed the fire shows, the three performers who were out tonight all did some great tricks and nice dances to a good selection of tunes.

Between shows, I played with the hula hoops that they had brought for part of an audience participation bit. I figured heck, I'm a belly dancer, hula hooping should be a cinch for me! (I never got the hang of it as a kid. I also never learned to jump rope or swing across monkey bars. I was basically a failure at being a child) As it turns out, I could not keep a hoop going around my hips, but I could spin it on both arms. Not sure if it really counts as dance practice, but it was fun, if faintly embarrassing.

I did get some legitimate practice as well! I took a walk up to the ATM and brought my zills along, and kept nice, strong arms while I played. I also danced around while dinner was cooking, and actually danced a bit while I was eating, too. Hey, it was good music, I couldn't help myself!

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